Sistema utilises the new Competitive Systems and Practices qualification.

Competenz introduced the newly created Competitive Systems and Practices (CSP) training programme to Sistema after eight years of delivering apprenticeship qualifications and training to the well-known manufacturer. Competenz Training Advisor Phil Jones works closely with the team at Sistema, visiting each apprentice at least four times a year. He says: “The company is always exploring new opportunities for its team to develop their skill sets and is very supportive of Competenz and the training programmes we offer.”

Drew Muirhead, the Chief Executive of Sistema, says on-the-job training provides opportunities for personal and professional growth for employees, contributing to higher levels of job satisfaction and staff retention.“ We create world-class products and feel it is just as important for us to put time and effort into developing our staff as it is developing our products.”

The CSP programme, developed by Competenz, provides staff with the knowledge, skills and tools to establish systems and work practices that improve the way a business operates.

“As a company, our key drivers are creating and maintaining a continuous improvement culture and developing our people’s skills to identify and eliminate waste. The CSP programme provides a systematic framework with a large range of tools designed to target improvements in cost, efficiency, waste reduction, as well as boosting employee morale,” says Drew.

CSP at Sistema is arranged by Competenz and delivered by Jeff Tuffnell, an external training consultant from Jupiter Training and Resources. He says he has seen significant changes within the company as a result of the programme.“We have seen cost savings and waste reduction already. And many of the ideas implemented have come from the shop floor, which is fantastic.”

Sistema has developed its own Continuous Improvement model, STACK (Systems, Teamwork, Actions, Culture, Knowledge), which forms the basis of its CSP programme.

“I would recommend taking the time to meet with your Competenz representative for an initial discussion about your business and a training strategy for the future. There are so many options available, and it is helpful to be able to talk through these options with a knowledgeable advisor,” says Drew.