Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Our commitment

Competenz is proud to be continuing on its path towards becoming a fully bicultural organisation. In September 2020, we designed and launched our Te Tiriti o Waitangi policy and Māori perspectives strategy.

The purpose of these initiatives is to strengthen our position as a Treaty partner and ensure that a Māori perspective is firmly embedded in our organisation’s everyday culture and operation. This will, in turn, help us to deliver a high level of support for our people, including Māori learners, employers, industries, and employees.

As part of this programme, a Māori Advisory Board, Nga Kaiurungi, will be established in 2021, which will have joint accountability with the Competenz Senior Leadership Team on all issues that impact Māori.

Further initiatives planned in 2020 for delivery in 2021 include the introduction of a company-wide bicultural competency programme which provides:

  • Te Reo Māori classes
  • Understanding Te Tiriti training
  • Understanding Te Ao Māori principles workshops
  • Identifying breaches of Te Tiriti learning
  • How all of the above impacts how we train and support our learners
  • Engaging with iwi in a meaningful way.
Work has also begun on a new learner support framework to improve outcomes for Māori learners, using key Māori principles to achieve this.

This is a journey Competenz is proud to keep moving forward with. While it may push some out of their comfort zone, it is important to acknowledge Māori, ngā tangata whenua, have led bicultural lives since European settlers arrived. It is crucial that we commit to learning and evolving to understand and do more.